19th RadTech China Annual Conference 2018 in Changsha

Sponsored by RadTech China, and supported by Zhejiang Yangfan New Materials Co., Ltd., NewSun Polymer Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jiuri New Materials Co., Ltd., IGM Resins, Jiangsu Sanmu Group Corporation, Jiangsu Litian Technology Co., Ltd.,   Zhaoqing Baojun Chemical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lamplic Science Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xindi Zailong Coating Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Kailin Ruiyang Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Wavelane Technology Co., Ltd., Double Bond Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Hubei Gurun Technology Co., Ltd., the 19th RadTech China Annual Conference 2018 was successfully held on September 11-14, 2018, Huaya International Hotel, Changsha, Huinan Province, China, in parallel with a display and Basic Training Class on UV/EB Curing. Nearly 500 participants from above 200 companies and institutions attended the conference. 40 papers were presented at the meeting, including 13 invited plenary lectures, and 25 presentations at two parallel sessions-raw materials and formulations. One enterprise made new product information dissemination and technical seminars, and another made the investment promotion presentation.


Prof. Xiaoya Liu, Vice President of RadTech China, from Jiangnan University took charge of the opening ceremony. Prof. Xiaoyin Hong from Tsinghua University, Prof. Jun Nie, the President of RadTech Asia Organization from Beijing University of Chemical University, Prof. Jianwen Yang, the President of RadTech China from Sun Yat-sen University, were invited to give greeting speeches at the opening ceremony.

The presentations focused on the topics such as, the area overviews of development and applications of UV/EB technology, photoinitiators, UV LED, EB, bio-based materials, new monomers and resins, functional coatings, and so on. 29 Companies attended the show. The papers presented by Mr. Rui Chen, from Shenzhen Esun Industrial, Dr. Peng Du, from Wraio Chemicals, Dr. Jinliang Yang, from Changzhou Green New Photosensitive Materials, Dr. Jingcheng Liu, from Jiangnan University, and Mr. Chaowei Jia, from Jiangsu Zhiyan Technology, were elected to receive the Best Paper Awards. Dr. Xingyu Wu, from Tongji University, Lu Xi, from Guangdong University of Technology, and Mr. Yifeng Jiang, from Jiangsu Sanmu Group, were elected to receive the Excellent Newer Awards. 

The annual conference provided the opportunities for all participants of information exchange and cooperation for scientists, engineers, and end-users in UV/EB coating industries.


The Training Class invited Prof Yingquan Zou and Yangyang Xin, from Beijing Normal University, Prof. Xiaoyin Hong, from Tsinghua University, Prof. Ren Liu, from Jiangnan University, Prof. Yangzhi Jin, from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Dr. Laixing Wang, from Guangzhou Bossin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., to give lectures. The topics mainly focused on basic knowledge and applications on photoinitiators, formulations, organic coatings, inks, monomers, resins and so on. About 107 participants from above 70 companies attended the Training Class.

Finally, Prof. Jun Nie announced that The RadTech Asia 2019 Conference & Expo would be held on October 17-20, 2019, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. He cordially invites researchers and specialists in academia and industries interested in all fundamental and applied aspects of UV/EB curing to participate in RadTech Asia 2019 conference. He extends the warmest welcome to our friends and colleagues from around the Asia, and up to the world. We believe that you will enjoy RadTech Asia 2019.