2019 International Seminar on Polymer Photochemistry

2019 International Seminar on Polymer photochemistry (2019 ISPP)” will be held in May 8-10, 2019 at Guangdong University of Technology. Here, the committee warmly invites you and your colleagues to attend this seminar.

2019 ISPP is organized by Guangdong University of Technology, Sun Yat-Sen University, RadTech China, Guangzhou Bossin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. and Sunnyvale Technology LLC. The topics of this seminar includes:1. the fundamental research of polymer photochemistry, such as light-induced active free radical polymerization; 2. Photoresponsive materials, such as photochromic materials, light-switching patterning, self-healing materials and shape memory polymers;3. The progress in photo-cured materials, such as oxygen inhibition, 3D printing resins, photoresists and functional optical films. We would like to introduce the detail matters relating to this seminar to you.

1.      Date and Location               

Aloft Guangzhou University Park Hotel                                               May 8-10, 2019

2.      Invited Speakers

Wantai Yang

Member of Chinese   Academy of Sciences

Jun Nie

President of RadTech   Asia

Po Xiao

Professor in Jinan   University

Yusuf Yagci

Professor in Istanbul   Technical University (Turkey)

Shuzo Hirata

Haruyuki   Okamura

Professor in The   University of Electro-Communications (Japan)

Osaka   Prefecture University (Japan)

Xuesong Jiang

Research Fellow   in Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Roberta Bongiovanni

Professor in Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

Takashi Karatsu

Professor in Chiba University (Japan)

Kentaro Taki

Professor in Kanazawa University (Japan)

3.      Schedule




May 8



Registration & Posting Up


May 9









Opening Ceremony

Invited Presentations   (40 min/person)

Coffee Break


Invited Presentations (40 min/person)

Coffee Break

Plenary Presentations (30 min/person)

Welcome Banquet

May 10







Invited Presentations (40 min/person)

Coffee Break


Plenary Presentations & Junior Academic   Forum

Coffee Break

Closing Ceremony

4.      Fee and Publications

Invited speakers are free of charge, while package fee for attendees is 4000 RMB (Including Registration Fee + Meals + 3-night Hotel). Abstracts and posters are accepted in this seminar. The abstract is a summary of your research, with 500-800 words and no more than three figures. The size of poster is 120 mm × 90 mm. For speakers, an abstract of the presentation is requested. Deadline of abstract submission is April 10th.

5.      Accommodation

Aloft Guangzhou University Park Hotel

No.66 Li De Street, Xiaoguwei, Guangzhou  510006 China


Seminar Committee:

Head: Prof. Wantai Yang

AdvisorsProf. Jun Nie, Prof. Jianwen Yang, Prof. Li Zhang, Prof. Yonggang Min, Prof. Xiaoxuan Liu, Dr. Huiya Yuan, Prof. Guodong Ye

Secretary-general: Prof. Zhengfu Liao

Secretaries: Prof. Yanyan Cui, Prof. Hongping Xiang, Dr. Junyi Zhou


Contact: Dr. Xiaoxuan Liu+86 136 0005 3965Dr. Junyi Zhou+86 156 0226 4426    


Instructions for extended abstracts



1. Please assure the originality and reliability of the content in your extended abstract.
2. Please confirm to write your extended abstract with clear English without obvious grammar errors.
3. Your extended abstract should be approved for public release, distribution is unlimited.

4. Please format your extended abstract according to the following requirements:

(1)    Text area, 257mm×170mm, single column

(2)    Title, 14pt, Times New Roman, Bold, Center

(3)    Author, 10.5pt, Times New Roman, Capitalizing all the letters of the family name and the first letter of the first name, Center

(4)    Affiliation(s), 9pt, Times New Roman, Center

(5)    Text body, 9pt, Times New Roman, single spaced, fully justified

(6)    Table/Figure title, 9pt, Times New Roman, Bold; Words in Table/Figure, 9pt, times new roman

(7)    References, 7.5pt, Times New Roman

(8)    All equations and expressions in the paper must be numbered sequentially (Ex. (1)…) and align right

(9)    Embed graphics, “jpg” or “gif” format