Executive Committee Meeting of RadTech Asia Organization in Hangzhou

Executive Committee Meeting of RadTech Asia Organization

October 19, 2019 | Hangzhou, China



Jun Nie, President of RadTech Asia Organization, China

Jianwen Yang, President of RadTech China, China

Kimihiro Matsukawa, President of RadTech Japan, Japan

Masakazu Washio, Professor of Waseda University, Japan 

In Hyo Kim, President of RadTech Korea, South Korea 

Hyung Chul Kim, Sales Director of Shinyoung Rad. Chem. Ltd, Korea

Nik Ghazali Nik Salleh, President of RadTech Malaysia, Malaysia

Mohd Hamzah Harun, Vice-President of RadTech Malaysia, Malaysia

Khairul Azhar Abdul Halim, Treasury of RadTech Malaysia, Malaysia


Meeting Summary:

1. President Jianwen Yang, President Kimihiro Matsukawa, President In Hyo Kim, President Nik Ghazali Nik Salleh, had introduced          the situation of Each RadTech Organization in turn, including the structure and the main committee members, the overview of            organized international conferences, daily affairs and other information.

2. President Jun Nie, had introduced information of the RadTech Asia 2019 international conference and exhibition. Sponsored by          RadTech Asia organization, and Chinese Society for Imaging Science and Technology, organized by RadTech China, RadTech          Asia 2019 was back to China again, after successfully holding of RadTech Asia 2013 in Shanghai. About 700 delegates, from              around 300 companies and institutions both at home and abroad, including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia,                      Philippines, America, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, attended the                    conference. 105 oral presentations, including 4 plenary lectures, 6 area overviews, 2 new product information dissemination from      enterprises, and 21 posters, were collected at the final conference programme. Leaders of relevant government departments and      associations were also invited for the first time. The exhibition area occupied 800 square meters possessing 39 exhibitors,                  including raw material, formula product, device, and other companies.

3. A new Board of RadTech Asia Organization for coming year 2020-2022 had been generated through discussion and election.            Details are as follows:

    Structure of RadTech Asia Organization (2020-2022)

    President: Kimihiro Matsukawa, Japan

    Vice-president: Jun Nie, China

                        In Hyo Kim, South Korea

                        Nik Ghazali Nik Salleh, Malaysia

4. After discussion, it was agreed that the RadTech International Conference would be held every two years again after the                     unanimous adoption.


Finally, Kimihiro Matsukawa had also announced that The 16th International Conference & Expo on UV/EB in Asia (RadTech Asia 2021), would be held on November 16-19, 2021, Tsukuba, Japan.


As one of International RadTech Organization, RadTech Asia Organization will continue to strengthen relationships with other RadTech Organization, and promote the development of UV/EB curing industry around the world. Members of RadTech Asia Organization will continue to “Keep in Touch” base regular “face to face” communication to agree on major affairs and share the industry information and trends.




Structure of RadTech Asia Organization (2016-2020)

President: Jun Nie

Secretary-General: Xiaoqun Zhu

Structure of RadTech Jpan

Honorary President: Y. Tabata

President: K. Matsukawa

Honorary Executives: K. Ichimura, T. Lkeda M. Shirai, and T. Orikasa

Executive Secretary: S. Kinoshita

Executive Committees: 11 members from Academic and 18 members from Industrial filed


Structure of RadTech Malaysia

President: Nik Ghazali Nik Salleh

Vice-president: Mohd Hamzah Harun

Executive Secretary: Norshafarina Ismail

Treasury: Khairul Azhar Abdul Halim


Structure of RadTech China

Honorary President: Xiaoyin Hong

Honorary Executives: Yongyuan Yang, Yangzhi Jin, Lianzhi Wang, Huaying Bao

President: Jianwen Yang

Executive Committees: 26 Vice-presidents from Companies and Universities

Secretary-General: Yongli Qu

Executive Vice Secretary-General: Fenfen Bao


Structure of RadTech Korea

President: In Hyo Kim